Sunday, April 11, 2010

An Update Finally

Well I can't believe that almost a year has gone by since I last remembered to post something to my blog. I guess being without a computer for nearly 5 days this past week because my hard drive and dvd burner went kaput thanks to some new virus AVG did not have a fix for yet made me realize just how important it is to back things up. I got all my programs reinstalled and even though I have lost all the pattern files free and purchased, most of my pictures are on flickr so I still have those.

I just have to get a couple of updates for my programs from their web sites and I will be all set to do a back up. My computer guy explained how to do it all and there are also free sites online that you can back up on so will be checking them out as well. From now on I will be saving my patterns etc to rewriteable cd's and remembering to do back ups.

One of my grand daughter's birthday is April 15th and I am working hard on getting a couple of cloths done in the colors she picked out. I finished a KAL yesterday so just need to block it and am working on another one that has the letter M on it for Madison.

Well I guess it it time to get back to getting everything up to date on my computer.

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