Friday, June 3, 2011

June 2011

Well June has finally arrived and hubby and I are still wondering if we are going to get a summer this year. The weather in Northern Ontario as in many other places has been bizarre to say the least. Hubby decided to go ahead and plant the veggie garden and we are still having to cover everything up at night as we have been getting frost *sigh*

Our family of geese are once again back in the pond and it looks like she hatched 6 goslings, wasn't able to find my camera and get a picture of this years group yet.

We are hoping that the 2nd half of 2011 will better for everyone as trips to emergency are getting hard on all of us. Hubby was admitted with pneumonia, and so far knock on wood has quit smoking - 5 months now. Between antibiotics and a medication called Nifedipine the swelling in my feet and lower legs as well as all of a sudden having to deal with high blood pressure is finally under control. Our daughter in law had her gall bladder removed this week and is home now recuperating.

All my wip's have been put on hold as our 4 1/2 year old grand daughter Loralei mentioned that her baby blanket was too small to go around her now. Her face just radiated joy when grandma said are you trying to tell grandma that you need a big girl blanket now. Thank dog I had quite a few skeins of baby coordinates in my stash as she wants the big girl blanket done in the same yarn. She picked out the colors and the order that she wanted them done in and I finally found the saved copy of the rainbow ripple afghan pattern that I had used to do her baby blanket in. Dog willing I should have it finished sometime this weekend and hopefully will get a nice sunny day to get a good picture of it. It will be big enough that if she wants to fold it in half she will be able to use it as a shawl too. She even tried to give her baby blanket to her younger sister Arja because grandma is making her a new blanket - even though Arja is only 2 1/2 she kept saying no is Loralei's, so for now she continues to take the baby blanket with her everywhere and sleeps with it every night. She even packed it in her bag to go out to camp at her aunt's this weekend.

I will have to put a few more wip's on hold because when hubby and I were babysitting the day our daughter in law had her gall bladder removed I was crocheting as much as I could while trying to keep an eye on Loralei and the twins Arja & Ty. Well both Arja & Ty asked if I would make blankets for them too when I finished Loralei's, so have the yarn and pattern to do one for Arja all set to go, now just have to find a yarn and pattern that I like for a boy to do Ty's blanket in.

I need to find that attachment for my camera so I can download and post the pictures I got the other day of Loralei and the twins.

Well time to get back to my crocheting, another overcast rainy day - so a good time to keep working on the blanket.

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Amber said...

I was trying to get the owl hat pattern from your blog, but it says that the folder is empty. Are you still offering the pattern?