Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Is It Spring Yet? LOL

Well you would think that after living in Thunder Bay for 21 years I would not be surprised by the crazy weather that happens. Even with all the warnings on the news that a storm front was going to hit and that we could get up to 40cm of snow, I don't think hubby or I were prepared for what greeted us when we got up at 8 am today. Hubby finally got the backhoe to start and is now outside plowing the driveway. Today is definitely not a day that I will be attempting to do my walk outside, will do my walking inside and around the house. Poor hubby will be outside for hours, once he gets our driveway plowed he then has to go plow the neighbours and our middle sons driveways. We are hoping that the weather people are wrong and we won't be getting more snow as they are predicating.

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