Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy 1st Day of Spring

Well apparently at 7:44 am it became the 1st day of Spring, so I decided to peek outside and take a couple of pictures from the deck as the sun was coming up over the pond.

Needless to say it will be quite a few more days of above freezing temperatures before we will actually see the pond and green grass.

A couple of weeks back Shaun borrowed my Dodge Grand Caravan so he could go to his physio therapy and then went over to his older brother's place. He parked the van at the front of the house and they went for a bit of exercise. Both of them are in physio after having surgery, Norm Jr. due to torn knee ligaments and Shaun because of his leg injury at work. Unfortunately my van was hit while it was parked out in front of Norm Jr.'s house. We are now calling his wife Calli after CSI Miami. Luckily for us she noticed some pieces of the wheel rim as the snow out front started to melt and with her checking around and also with the help of the Thunder Bay Police they were able to determine who had hit my van. My van is now in at Breeny's a local repair shop being fixed. Hopefully we will get it back all fixed next week. I just find it mind boggling that someone would smash into another vehicle and take off without leaving a note or anything. We have a Nissan Altima as a rental and boy oh boy talk about having to get used to new gadgets, it is one of these new keyless cars that you have to press a start button to get going. Here are some pictures of my smashed front end. Oh well next week I will have my van back all nice again.

Happy 1st day of Spring to everyone.

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