Saturday, February 2, 2013

Update & My 1st Amigurumi

Norm holding my 1st Amigurumi
Well the month of January has been a strange one to say the least, we have had above normal temperatures and then seen the temperatures drop to freezing cold with lots of wind. We also had lots of snow fall. I also ended up in the hospital with pneumonia, bruised stomach from a torn stomach muscle from coughing so hard, sinus infection, gum infection, and a touch of the flu that has been running rampant through town. I ended up spending 4 days and 3 nights on a bed in emergency along with about 20+ other people because there were no beds available to admit people.  The nurses at the Thunder Bay Regional Hospital that work in emergency deserve gold medals - not only do they have to deal with the unreal numbers of people in emergency they have to look after all the people in the beds in the hallway waiting to be admitted. 

Needless to say I have had time to work on a bunch of different items that I want to get done craft wise. I signed up at Craftsy to take the Amigurumi course taught by Stacey Trock as I adore her patterns. The course is fantastic and the tips provided are wonderful. I have completed lesson 1 now need to find more time to complete lesson 2 & 3 especially since my sister sent me a picture of the cutest lady bug pattern that I am now going to make for her grand daughter Hayley.  I had a heck of a time finding the pattern from just having a picture, but I finally did.  Unfortunately the patterns are in Dutch, but the google translator that the designer used gives enough information in English that I feel pretty confident that I will be able to make the lady bug.

My blue-bird from lesson 1 was done in purple and Hunter was here as I was finishing it and helped me stuff it.  We had a good giggle and she decided to call it Polly and got to take it home.  
Phoebee, Polly
Snowball, Polly

February has started off cold & windy so hope it starts to warm up soon.

I am working on updating my pattern for the owl hat and bag that I made for Madison on her 6th birthday, 4 years ago.  Once it has been tested and know if my math is right I will have the update available on Ravelry.  If everything works out ok there will be instructions for sizes baby, toddler, child, adult small and adult large on that hat.  It will take some extra time to figure out how to make a larger bag pattern, the one now is about the size of a cd around.  

I also have a number of items on my needles and hooks that I hope to get finished this month as well as designing a strip for the Crochet Along Afghan on my yahoo group Holiday Mystery Gifts.


Anonymous said...

I made the Owl hat. I got the pattern off of Ravelry and I loved it. Now I would like to make a scarf to match but cannot figure how to make the owl because it would be worked in the flat and not in the round like the hat. So I was wondering if you could help me figure it out.? I am shelia on ravelry. Thanks.

Dorothy Noreen Hunter-Talbot said...

I may have figured it out for flat knitting but don't have the time to test what I wrote out right now. Too many things going on