Monday, February 4, 2013

Owl Hat Revisions

 I have spent most of the weekend alternating between knitting the Owl hat with all the revisions I made and playing Farmville on Facebook.  I had started knitting the baby size and just got to the part of decreasing for the crown and knew right away that I had written it out incorrectly, so the whole thing got frogged and I went line by line from the old pattern to the revised one and lo and behold I had left out a few lines and forgot to include a cable line.  I am now back to starting the Owl section and hopefully this time will go better.  I am hoping to have it done by tomorrow and will post some pictures.  I am glad that I have so many grand children as I am sure that as I knit the different sizes it will be bound to fit one of them.  We are having another cold spell so is a good time to stay inside and work on all my knitting and crocheting projects.

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