Thursday, December 11, 2008

Let It Snow

Well the weatherman said we were going to get 5 to 10 cm of snow during the day and overnight. Well I think we got a bit more than that and now Norm will have to start plowing.

Madison decided that she wanted to learn how to make spaghetti and meatballs, so was helping Grandpa make supper last night. Tigger the cat decided she had to watch what was going on too.

I finally got the Snowman scarf finished, even though the instructions were a bit lacking. I am sure that Trinity will be thrilled when she opens her birthday package on Dec. 24th. If anyone is interested I am pretty sure that I could write out what I did to create the scarf, was pretty easy and worked up quickly because I did it using half double crochets. I just wish I could have found the instructions I thought I had saved on how not to end up with a hole in the middle when you make the circle. I used the button on the front to cover that one and then used some extra yarn to cover up the hole on the back part.

Today will definitely be a day to stay inside and keep warm and work on some more knitting and crocheting projects. Even though the sun is shining brightly it is expected to go down to -21C and then more snow is expected by late afternoon.


Rachel said...

Stay Warm Noreen! I almost thought school was going to be cancelled for the kids but no such luck for them! As much as I don't like Winter, all the snow makes everything look so really has a way of dressing up all the ugly, bare trees! Rick's outside "playing" with his dozer in all the snow! Hope all is well with you. Take care and stay indoors where it's nice and warm! Love the scarf!

Warm Hugs,

KimT said...

I love the snowman scarf!

sailorcross said...

Oh, all the snow looks beautiful!! We were supposed to have freezing rain which is a mess, but instead it's been raining buckets for two days!!

Love the snowman scarf!! Hope you get a lot accomplished inside where it's warm!!

I'm hoping to get all my Christmas projects completed by the end of next week--wishful thinking??


Dorothy Noreen Hunter-Talbot said...

Thanks Rachel, KimT & Beth. I saw the pattern at

Instructions are pretty vague so I improvised and it worked out really well.

Pooch said...

Such a CUTE snowman scarf! I've never seen that pattern before and think it is just darling!

Dorothy Noreen Hunter-Talbot said...

Thanks Pooch. I improvised a lot doing the pattern as the one posted at crochetville was pretty vague. I used hdc throughout.