Monday, December 1, 2008

A Great Sunday

With so many grand kids I decided to start what I hope will continue to be a wonderful family tradition. Each family will have their own Advent Calendar that I can fill up with all kinds doodads and hopefully all the grand kids will love all the little doodads as it gets closer and closer to Christmas Day. A couple of the pockets will have some candy treats. I wrapped each one, put their name on it and the day it is to be opened. Some of the items will fit into the stockings on Madison and Dylan's. Aliza, Trinity, Kirra's have pockets as does Hunter and Daniels. I picked up all kinds of different things, Christmas shaped notepads, marshmallow shape kits that can then be put on the tree as ornaments, some beading kits, some wood model kits for the boys etc. etc.

For some reason I had it in my head that December 1st was on Tuesday and then all of a sudden at supper time I realized that it was tomorrow. I got everything sorted and our first stop was at Kathy and Dan's to drop off Hunter and Daniel's. I explained everything to them because they only knew about those paper ones that you open and get a chocolate. LOL

Our next stop was Dave and Laura's to drop off Aliza, Trinity, Kirra and Loralei's.

The twins are almost 8 weeks old so I just had to take more pictures. They are doing wonderful and growing in leaps and bounds.

I even managed to get all the girls and the twins to sit still for 5 minutes so I could take a picture of all of them together.

and of course Madison wanted a picture with her in it as well. I am sure that Dylan enjoyed going to his hockey game a lot more than having to go all over the place with Grandma and Grandpa and be surrounded by girls.

We then came home and I took some pictures of Madison with the Advent Calendar for her and Dylan. I will take everything over tomorrow after supper for them to set up and then open up the December 1st doodad.

Norm is always teasing me about my Tim Horton's traveling mug so he snapped a picture of me holding it after I had filled it up before we left to go into town. It is nice to be able to have a few sips of coffee in between going to the different stores and not making him go through the drive through to get me a coffee.

Shaun's leg is doing much better. The nurses in Ambulatory care have been doing a wonderful job with changing the dressings. Hopefully when they remove this cast, they will be able to straighten his ankle/foot out even more and all signs of infection on the two incisions will be gone. He is doing well using his crutches and everyone is doing different things to try and keep him occupied.

As always some pictures of the dogs and cats.

Hope everyone has a great week, time to get back to working on my Xmas knitting and crocheting projects.


sailorcross said...

Whoa, Noreen!!

Did you make all those Advent calendars? They are awesome!! I used to have one for my kids when they were small that I made--but it didn't have goodie pockets--just a little bear to be moved from day to day.

I'm so glad that Shaun is doing better. Hopefully, he will improve day by day and no infection this time!!

And those twins--they certainly have grown!! You have a beautiful family--and that includes the dogs and cats!!

Love your coffee mug--that's the size I need this time of year!!

When is your nephew's surgery? This week sometime right?


Dorothy Noreen Hunter-Talbot said...

Beth My daughter in law made the ones for Madison & Dylan and Aliza, Trinity, Kirra and Loralei. I found Daniel & Hunter's for sale on E Bay.

My nephew's surgery is tomorrow and I am sending him lots of prayers for a good outcome.

We are also glad that Shaun is improving a bit every day, but as the surgeon told him, he is in for a long recovery time.