Monday, May 19, 2008

Spring has finally Sprung

Well all I can hope is that now that we are finally getting warmer temperatures during the day and all the snow has melted, the pond has completely unthawed, that I can finally say that spring is here. Hubby was out most of the day turning over the vegetable garden and actually planted some potato seeds. I spent the day doing what I love to do best working on knitting and crocheting projects and actually managed to get another 2 boxes of yarn sorted, listed and put away on the shelves in my craft room.

I finished the May monthly Knit along for my Digknitting Group, did one in Neon green and the other in Light Green. Could not for the life of me figure out what it was, so our group moderator finally told us that it is the Recycle arrows.

I went to grab a cup of java and looked out to see we had Canada Geese on the pond and even managed to get a couple of pictures without scaring them off, now if that isn't a sure sign that spring is finally here I don't know what is.

I decided to join a dishcloth exchange being done by Dishcloth Weekly Knit along on Ravelry group and then had to decide what pattern and colors to use. Finally made up my mind and have them started and am half done on the 1st one, luckily I have until June 4th to get them out into the mail for the exchange.

Today we got the 1st set of rows for our monthly knit along from Rachel's Knitting Room, another one of my favorite yahoo groups.

I am counting the days until hubby and leave for Ajax to spend the month of June with my sister and her family. She is scheduled for surgery on June 2nd and even though we will have to help her around the house and stuff, it will be a vacation and I am hoping to be able to get all my knitting and crocheting projects caught up so I can plan the next ones for birthdays and Christmas.

As I slowly but surely figure out how all this blogging stuff works, I will be able to update my page more often.

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