Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Craft Room

Well it looks like my wish for a craft room is finally going to become a reality. We live in a home that hubby's family built back in the 1930's so when I say that cupboard space doesn't exist I am not kidding. The house is what is considered a 1 1/2 storey but due to injuries sustained in a car accident back in October 2001 I am not able to constantly go up and down the stairs to the 2nd floor. So needless to say the living room, kitchen and bedroom off the living room are used as a computer room and storage area for all my work in progress, books, yarns etc . It helps that hubby is a handy man and the middle and youngest son are both carpenters. Middle son is currently involved in a huge renovation project and all the workers get first dibs on the items that would end up in the landfill site. The kitchen and living room floors have been redone, walls are all painted and we got new living room furniture and all new kitchen appliances.

So now they are all pitching in and helping get the room off the living room done. It has been painted, lights fixed and put up as well as my youngest son put up shelving for on two walls for all my reading books, next to knitting and crocheting I love to read. I almost have all the books up on the shelves and in order. Middle son brought out 3 huge shelving units and right now they are out in the garage, so next thing to do is paint them and once the single bed is moved out of the room and upstairs, we will bring them in and I will have what I feel is a marvelous place to store all my yarns and accessories. Once I have this all done I will probably be happier than a pig in mud. LOL

Needless to say I have fallen behind on my Knit and Crochet Alongs as well as my other WIP's, but once I have this all organized I will be able to catch up really quickly.

I am working on the KAL with Rachel's Knitting Room as well as the Mid April KAL with MonthlyDishcloths. Bookmarks, Cloth of the Week KAL and Ravelry Monthly KAL are saved but not started yet. It is just great all the wonderful groups and people that can be found at the yahoogroups.

Crochetpartners is starting a comfortghan that the members can send different completed squares to different people who will assemble them into afghans that can be sent out to those in need, so if you enjoy doing that kind of stuff consider joining the yahoo group.

Now back to work on my room.

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