Friday, April 18, 2008

April 18, 2008

Just what I needed another item to add to my list of things to do. Hopefully I will figure out how all this blogging stuff works and be able to add pictures and stuff.
Right now I am busy working on several knit and crochet alongs with different groups.

The good thing is that it finally looks like Spring is going to come to Lappe, the snow in our yard is starting to melt and our pond is starting to thaw. We had a couple of Canada geese on the pond yesterday, so am keeping my fingers crossed that we do not get anymore snow.


Rachel said...

Hey there Noreen!!

Welcome to the Fun World of Blogging! I am so sure you'll LOVE it...I know you have many, many works of art that you will want to post and share with everyone here! I'm off to add your blog to my blog list now :o) Good for you! Hope all is well with you lately!

Happy Blogging!

Hugs for a wonderful weekend,

Anonymous said...

Hi Noreen

I can't believe there's a close crocheter nearby. I live in Terrace Bay just 2 hours or so from you. I also lived in Toronto and moved up here with my husband in 78 and haven't left yet. I really miss the south and to prove what did we get on Sunday....snow and cold and it's still here! Oh well I hope spring is just around the corner. Have you ever heard of the yarn called "cotton top" it's by Patons and it's very hard to find in Thunderbay as I was looking in all the stores there including Michaels. Let me know if you know where I can purchase it.


ilovedobermans said...

Hello, Noreen!

I saw you via antiquepattern. I agree pugs are adorable, etc, etc, but by golly, if you want a great pal, someone to exercise with, cuddle, play, listen to you, try a cute, adorable, attention grabbing, tail waggin' fun lovin' loves to go everywhere you do, devoted beyond comprehension, thinks its a lap dog Doberman! You want a family member extraordinair, get one! Only down side is it is a people dog, so can't just shove in backyard! Well, that's true of ALL dogs, so I guess there IS no downside!
My sister found one downside: the poop is bigger. Oh. More food. Oh well, no one is perfect!