Monday, February 11, 2013

Owl Hat - revised Pattern

I revised my Owl Hat pattern and finally finished knitting the baby size - I was knitting and measuring as I went along because I wasn't sure if my math was correct.  Instead of decreasing one row then knitting a row I decreased two rows then knit a row and the hat ended up 5 1/2 inches in height which is exactly what I wanted.  I guess I will have to add another decrease option into my instructions.  I just have to add the beads to the eyes now to completely finish it - I just have to remember where I put them. LOL  If I don't find them then I think I will just do some french knots to accent the eyes.  Now I just need to find some more time to knit the other sizes to see if my math is correct. As soon as I knit a couple more sizes I will add the revised pattern for download - right now it is still the old pattern - just one size.

I decided that the baby blanket I was crocheting was not turning out the way I wanted so I ripped it all out and went with Smooth Fox's Round Ripple 8 point pattern on Ravelry.  I am using Caron Simply Soft - colors Grape, Limelight, Blue Mint and White.  I just love the way it is turning out and sure hope I get it done before the baby arrives - he was due Feb 5th.

Well mother nature decided to give us warmer weather but as a result we got over a foot of snow on the ground - so a good day to stay inside and keep working on the blanket.

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