Thursday, February 28, 2013

Completed Blanket

Well I finished Christopher Jacob's blanket a week ago and have just had a crazy week and not got around to posting.  Now Norm & I just have to find a time that will coordinate with their schedule & ours to get it to him and visit with the other 5 grand kids.  Always have to make sure the older ones get attention when a new baby arrives.

I am 50% finished on a blanket for Hayley my great niece who is 14 months old now.  I am using Caron simply soft - white, soft pink, watermelon, passion and grape.  I was really worried that the colors wouldn't look nice but was pleasantly surprised at the result, now just have to hope my sister likes it too. :-) I am using the same pattern that I did for Christopher's blanket. This pattern is adaptable and one of my favorites.


I got a really cute pic the other night of Norm, Phoebee and Blackie.  Phoebee on any given day will bark and/or chase the kittens and for some reason decided it was ok for the kitten to snuggle with her when she was in her favorite spot on Norm's knee.  Blackie even decided she was going to pose for the camera.

The weather has decided to change again as a cold front is coming along with high winds adding a wind chill :-(  So I will stay inside snuggled up with blanket and knit and crochet. I have so many projects to make I need 48 hour days.

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