Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fall is Arriving

Well the weather is definitely getting cooler, the leaves on the trees are starting to change colors, so fall is arriving. Even though I love the sunny warm days of summer I think that fall is my favorite time of year, the infusion of colors just makes it wonderful to look at everything. Yesterday was a gorgeous sunny cool day, but today is overcast and windy, so it looks like we might be getting some rain.

I have finally figured out how to add my patterns to the web page so now they are on the right side listed under My Patterns in PDF or Word, no more having to copy and paste the written out pattern in my blog. I really enjoyed designing my first cloth Swedish Blocks, so I have written up a few more and am just working on knitting them, as soon as they are correct I will be adding them to the list.

My yarn order from Jean who manages the RA Yarns and More group arrived yesterday so now I have all my yarn to work on the scarves for the 2009 Special Olympics.

I had pre-ordered the new Mason Dixon book and Amazon emailed me saying it had been sent out. Some others on my groups have already received their copies and say it is even better than the first one, so I am hoping that my copy will arrive within the next few days.

My daughter in law that is expecting twins, her due date is October 23rd, gave us all a scare over the weekend by having a false labour. She is going for another ultra sound today as she has placenta previa and will have to have a C-Section if the placenta doesn't move.

Kahlua will be staying with us for another 3 weeks as her owner will be home today but has to go out of town again for three weeks tomorrow.

I have a number of projects on my needles and hooks so am hoping to get a couple finished and the swatch for the Mystic Earth Shawl project has been added to our group, so want to get that done so I can try and decide which of the yarns I got from Sarah Yarns that I want to use to do the shawl.

My 2009 Calendar Knitting in Colors arrived in the mail yesterday and I ordered the packs for it from Peaches and Creme.

My grandaughter, Madison, picked out the colors she wanted for her shawl for Xmas from my stash of Red Heart Lustersheen - Hot Pink and Cherry Red. She went through the different patterns that I have printed out and picked out the pattern called Loving Hearts Doll Shawl that is on Ravelry. The pattern is very pretty and really easy to make larger so it will fit her. It will be awhile before I get it on my needles as I have to finish a bunch of my other works in progress first.

Hope everyone has a great day and I am going to spend my day working on my knitting and crocheting.

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