Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Week from Hell

Well I have decided that I am going to call this the week from hell. Sunday hubby awakens with a sore throat, Monday I awaken with a sore throat, and with the sun, rain, sun, rain, hot, cold weather, both hubby and I have been so sick that we are barely able to function. Neither one of us can remember the last time that both of us had a summer cold at the same time. I did manage to finish 3 dishcloths from 2 of the knit along groups I belong too. Normally I would have got all caught up by the end of the week but even knitting was tiring. Hopefully with lots of fluids, and some over the counter cold medication we will both start feeling better soon. Luckily we have a doctor's appointment on the 2nd and if worst comes to worst we will both need antibiotics to give this cold a kick in the butt.

We picked up some of those Off candles and we were very surprised to learn that they worked. We did have a nice dinner last weekend in between thunder storms and rain and they kept the bugs away.

Well time to go lay down again.

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